2020-2021 Cheer Tryouts

Friday, May 8th- 5:00pm &

Saturday, May 9th - 11:30am

FIU Ocean Bank Convocation Center- Room 280 


Tryout Clinics

Provide excellent preparations for the upcoming tryout. Classes are taught by the FIU Cheer Coaching Staff and current Cheerleaders. 

 Clinic fee $20 per class

What We look for

At FIU Cheer we look for great student ambassadors, sideline cheerleaders, and competitive athletes. Athletes with a strong knowledge of body, motion and jump placement, an athletic image and above all superior showmanship!

Skills to expect include:

-Standing and running tumbling on a regular cheer floor (not a spring floor). This is not the time to master or learn a new skill. This is where you show the coaches what tumbling experience you have and where they can gauge your potential.

-Stunts: All participants will be asked to attempt and demonstrate the stunting skills either as a Flyer, Base, Backspot, or Sidespot.

                -All Girl- Full up feet together and a heel stretch

                -Coed- Walk- in or Toss Chair, hands or extension

-Motions- FIU Fight Song

-Single Jumps- Toe Touch, Hurdler, Pike, etc.

-Jump Combination

-Ability to lead and engage a crowd


Sideline Tumbling Skills

These skills are not required but are often used games and appearances.

-Standing Back Handspring

-Standing Back Tucks

-4 Step Round Off Back handspring series, Back tucks, Layouts, and Fulls

Competitive Tumbling Skills

These skills are not required but may be used to evaluate those individuals who express interest in competing.

-Triple Jump Combo Back Handspring

-Jump Back Handspring

-Cartwheel Backtuck

-Roundoff Back Handspring Backtuck, X-out, Layout, or Layout Stepout

-Front Walkover, Punch Front or Whip combo passes to a Backtuck, X-out, Layout, or Layout Stepout

What to bring

-Complete and submit our online Registration form  

-Audition fee: $30 

 -Photo copy of medical health insurance card (front & back of card)

-Photo copy of FIU student ID card 

-Photo copy of Fall schedule or Acceptance Letter 



  • Athletic shorts and sports bra

  • FIU Colors- Navy Blue & Gold- Our FIU Bookstore offers a wide selection of FIU attire

  • Hair should be worn with a bump and styled in either a high pony tail or half up half down with loose curls

  • Bow must be worn to the front

  • Makeup-Red lipstick, Blush, and Eye Shadow

  • No jewelry

  • Cover all visible tattoos



  • Athletic shorts and a t-shirt or tank top

  • FIU Colors- Navy Blue & Gold- our FIU Bookstore offers a wide selection of FIU attire

  • Sneakers

  • No piercings or visible tattoos

  • Well groomed and clean shaven

Spirit Team Requirements

Eligibility for  Cheerleaders

  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student (min 12 credits) or graduate student (min 9 credits) at FIU for the Fall & Spring semester.

  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA

  • If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, you MUST provide a letter of acceptance into the university.

  • If you are current student you MUST provide a copy of your student ID

Practice Schedule

Please consider your availability for all listed dates prior to trying out, you must be available and present for all dates.​

  • Team Meeting- TBA

  • Team Physicals-TBA

  • Summer Intensive Week- 

  • Summer practices- Mondays & Wednesdays  6:00-9:00 pm beginning July 6th 

  • NCA College Camp, Daytona Beach- August 6th- August 8th 

  • Season Practices- Mondays & Wednesdays 3:00-8:00 pm

Team Events

  • NCA College Camp- Myrtle Beach SC

  •  Community Appearances

  • FIU Football Games

  • FIU Men & Women's Basketball Games

  • C-USA Conference Tournament- Frisco, TX

  • NCA College Nationals- Daytona Beach FL

Team Benefits

In turn for your dedication to the Spirit Program we currently provide:

  • Book Scholarship- including class materials

  • Athletic Priority Registration

  • Team Travel

  • Access To Athletic Trainers & Medical staff

  • Adidas Team Apparel