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2023-2024 Auditions


for the 2023-2024 season have already taken place, check back in May 2024 

Prep Classes

Audition Prep Classes are a great way for you to train for Auditions. Meet the Coaching Staff, grab some Dazzler insider tips, and ask any questions you may have about what it takes to be an FIU Dazzler! Prep classes are open to dancers 16 and over- its never to early to get a glimpse of dance at the College level.


The FIU Dazzlers serve as ambassadors to the Univeristy and our local community. All Dazzlers are expected to perform with the highest  level of dance technique and show growth potential.

Skills to expect include:

Triple Pirouette

Turns in second- a la seconde turn sequence

Switch leaps and jump combinations

Flexibility and leg extensions

Acrobatic Technique 

Throughout the audition the most important quality is confidence!


Please bring the following items:


2) Full body photo in audition attire

3) Photo copy of FIU student ID card

4) Copy of Fall schedule

          -Incoming Freshmen- Letter of Acceptance 

5) Audition Fee- $30 cash 

Day 1- Preliminary Round

Please be sure to arrive knowing the choreography for the FIU FIGHT SONG

Day 2- Final Round

-Solo Routine

  • prepare  30-45 second solo routine

  • style of your choice

  • showcase your best skills 

  • be sure music is edited/cued  

  • email instructions for music will be shared once Finalists are announced 



  • Dress to impress

  • Crop top and shorts with nude tights  

  • Jazz shoes, sneakers, tuners 

  • Performance earrings only- no other body jewelry

  • Performance hair and makeup


  • Sleeved t shirt and gym shorts or pant

  • Dance shoes and sneakers

  • No piercings 

  • Well groomed and clean shaven

Spirit Team Requirements


  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student (min 12 credits) or graduate student (min 9 credits) at FIU for the Fall & Spring semester.

  • Students must be enrolled in classes for Fall 2023. Students accepted for Spring 2024 are not eligible to audition. We recomend continuing your training, and we hope to see you for the following year. 

  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA

  • If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, you MUST provide a letter of acceptance into the university.

  • You must be available for Team Physicals, Summer Intensives, and the start of summer practices.


Please consider your availability for all listed dates prior to auditioning, you must be available and present for all dates.​

  •  Team Meeting- Monday, May 8th- 5:00pm

  • Physical Clearence Packet- 

  • Summer Instensive Week- 

  • Season Practices - beginning July 10th- Mondays & Wednesdays

  • Team Practices- Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30am-11:30am

  • Additional practice times are based on events 


  • Community Appearances

  • FIU Football Games

  • FIU Men & Women's Basketball Games

  • C-USA Conference Tournament- Frisco, Texas


In turn for your dedication to the Spirit Program we currently provide:

  • Book Scholarship- including class materials

  • Athletic Priority Registration

  • Team Travel

  • Access To Athletic Trainers & Medical staff

  • Adidas Team Apparel

If you are unable to attend Auditions, please contact 

Your audition video should include:


-triple pirouette

-quad pirouette

-turns in second

- turn combo to show off your skills

Leaps and Jumps:

-switch leaps- right and left

-leap in second

-any other leaps or jumps that showcase your ability



-extensions- right and left

 Additional skills:

-any  technique or tumbling skill you'd like to showcase



-45 second jazz solo choreography

-45 second hip hop solo

-FIU Fight Song as shown on FIU Spirit website



- Audition fee $30


One of the following;

Acceptance letter, class schedule, or copy of FIU ID card -submit by Friday, April 21st by 5:00pm

We look forward to seeing you DAZZLE!

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